The Problem

The Film Industry Has Always Been Tough to Break Into

CallTime Ready was created to change that

Primarily focussed on the Assistant Director, Location and Production Office Departments.

CallTime Ready gives a rounded view of all departments and the skills required with clear insight into the overall structure, paperwork and terminology used throughout the industry.

The Solution
Developed by the experienced and knowledgeable team behind CallTime Company and CallTime Foundations Trainee Scheme.
CallTime Ready is the perfect way to prepare for a career in the Film & HETV Drama Industry. 

The content of this in depth online course has been honed over 20 years of working in the Film and HETV Drama Industry along side 10 years of in-person teaching and, more recently, over Zoom. Bringing together essential information, insight and industry secrets needed to excel on a Film and HETV Drama productions.


CallTime Ready

Are you looking for work as a PA/Runner in the Film and HETV Drama Industry?

Get your career off the ground with the CallTime Ready Online Training course & qualification!

For the Feature Film & High End TV Drama Industry.

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8 hours

of on-demand lessons

Which you can complete in a day or take your time and complete when you have the time! 


Save as you go!

So you don't lose progress


15 modules

covering all aspects of the industry

Check out more CallTime Ready Testimonials!
CallTime Ready was an incredible learning experience. The information provided is invaluable and presented in a highly professional, easy-to-digest manner.
Thank you for all the information included in the course it was really helpful and well worth the money. I would say I didn't even get 1/4 of that information during the period of my 3-year Bachelors. 


Are you curious if a career in film is right for you?

Have you studied media or film and feel unprepared for your first day on a professional production?

Do you want the confidence to start work knowing who is who and what is what?

  • Are you currently working in Factual or Entertainment TV and keen to gain the skills to make the move over to Features and HETV Drama?
  • Do you have experience of Supporting Artiste work and would like to transfer your skills to behind the camera?
  • Would you like to work in the film industry but don‚Äôt know where to start looking?
  • Have you recently started working in the industry but sometimes get lost with the terminology?
  • Are you confused about what each Crew Member does or what certain equipment is?

With CallTime Ready, you can transform from an absolute beginner to a perfectly pitched professional in the making.

Personalised CallTime Certification

On successful completion of all modules, students are issued with a personalised CallTime Certification to demonstrate their new knowledge and a CallTime Ready Logo to display on their CV. 

Professional Logo for your CV

CallTime Ready Logo to display on your CV with area for personal certification number.

Showing future Employers, at a glance, your accomplishment.

CallTime Ready gives you both the knowledge and confidence that you need to begin a career in the film industry.

Ready will give you knowledge, confidence and insight to get it right from the start.


Hear From Our Happy Students

Past and Present!

Erika Otto
Before I signed up for the CallTime Ready course, I did some thorough research and was pleasantly surprised to find only positive reviews online. Since I've attended a few film and TV workshops before, I wanted to make sure that this course would be worth my time and money. Now that I've completed it, I have to say I'm impressed with all the valuable information that Vicki, Tamana, and the contributors put together.

As someone who hasn't had the chance to study film and often struggles to find reliable answers online, I was thrilled to see that CallTime Ready had everything I needed. It gave me a solid understanding of the different departments in film and high-end TV production, and it showed me exactly what daily tasks I can expect as a Floor, Base, Crowd, or Production PA, or even as a Location Marshal. And it covered so much more!

Now, when I'm on set and someone asks me over the walkie-talkie, "Erika, what's your twenty?" I won't feel completely lost or freeze up. I'll be able to confidently respond with something like, "I'm currently at the Unit Base!"

The course didn't just cover the basics ‚Äď it went above and beyond, offering insights and knowledge that I hadn't even considered and truly exceeded my expectations.

Mia Saldanha
Thank you for all the information included in the course it was really helpful and well worth the money.

I would say I didn't even get 1/4 of that information during the period of my 3-year Bachelors; it really tackled all the aspects I was the most anxious and clueless about (ie. the walkie-talkies and all the paperwork). Will definitely be recommending it to other people!

Yvonne Nabukalu
CallTime Ready was one of the most informative and helpful courses I've ever taken; as soon as I found the website I knew I had to try it out, and I'm really glad I did!

I completed the course in just one day, and I didn't have any trouble understanding the content. I learned so many niche things that I probably wouldn't have been able to find anywhere else online, and it has really helped me to feel more confident when applying for PA roles. 

Luke Hoffman
CallTime Ready was an incredible learning experience.
The information provided is invaluable and presented in a highly professional, easy-to-digest manner.

The amount of useful information to be found in this 8-hour course is quite staggering. In particular, I found the tips concerning CV-writing, interview techniques and on-set terminology/jargon fantastic.

Nicola Jefferies
As a re-entrant into the industry, the CallTime Ready course was exactly what I needed to get back up to speed with everything you need to know about being on set in HETV and film. There was a lot I had forgotten, but also, the course is so thorough, there was a lot I never even knew.

There are so many people on set, it is difficult to learn exactly what everyone's responsibilities are when you are just starting out. The CallTime Ready course explains everything you need to know so that you can start on your first day understanding the best way to help every department immediately and get off on the right foot to make yourself useful. As well as covering all the basics, the interviews with seasoned professionals give you a real insight into life on set and which roles you might therefore be interested in pursuing. I would highly recommend this course to anyone entering the industry, even if you're returning after a break. 

Anna Filonenko
Thank you CallTime Company for an amazing New Entrants Course for Film and HETV Drama.

It offers a perfect blend of interview-format explanatory videos and textbook-style PDFs, making it a comprehensive and enjoyable resource. Completing the course in just three days, I gained a wealth of relevant and practical knowledge that would have otherwise taken me years of industry experience to acquire. I highly recommend it to anyone transitioning between industries or seeking to adapt to English language work environment.

Emily Sewell
The Calltime Ready course is extremely useful for anyone looking to start out in the Feature Films and HETV Drama industry and understand the inner workings of a set.

It provides in depth information on everything from CVs, to radio etiquette, to working with actors. The content is varied with educational videos, interviews with working professionals and quizzes and you receive a resource bundle at the end also, which is great. I highly recommend it. Even as someone with some experience prior to taking the course, I learnt a lot

Rebecca Bates
I thought the Calltime Ready Course was excellent, very informative and could be taken at my own pace. As I am new to the industry I appreciated the interviews as people shared their own stories and experiences which provided great tips. 

 It contained in depth clips which explained the working structure and varied roles of different runners.  I also found the practical advice very helpful which detailed how you can prepare yourself for your first day. I feel it has helped prepare me for my first steps into the industry with more confidence.

Maddy Thomas
I would highly recommend the CallTime Ready Course it was exactly what I needed as a newbie to this industry, it laid out all the basics and I feel much more prepared for my first day on the job. I really liked how everything, including the many acronyms, were all explained as they were used so there was never a point where you didn't understand what you were learning.

I also felt like the price point was very fair as I could see how much time and expertise had gone into making this training. There was a lot to learn but having it broken down into sections and seeing your progress in percent as you went along really helped to complete the training without feeling overwhelmed. I loved how you interviewed people at all different stages in their career so you could really understand how to progress in the industry and gain many different points of view.

About Us

Meet Your Instructors

headshot Tamana Bleasdale, Director

Tamana worked as an Assistant Director in the Film & HETV Drama Industry since graduating with a BA Hons in Media Production from Bournemouth University.

Tamana worked on Productions such as The Women in White, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and Band of Brothers. To see more of Tamana's production credits please click on the IMDB link above.

Tamana has been a Company Director of CallTime Company since 2013. 

headshot Vicki Allen, Director

Vicki worked as an Assistant Director in the Film & HETV Drama Industry since graduating with a BA Hons in Film & Television from Salford University.

Vicki worked on productions such as The Holiday, 'The Hours' and '28 Days Later' for other credits please see the IMDB link above.

Vicki has been a Company Director of CallTime Company since 2013. 

What you'll learn

The Curriculum

Not sure which Entry Level Role is best for you starting out? CallTime Ready explains the skills required for each Entry Level Role. 

Valuable insight and knowledge of the Film and Drama industry before you start

Access to industry best practice information 

Learn how to work with Cast, Supporting Artistes and Crew. 

Crew and Equipment A-Z of who is who and what is what! 

Callsheet not sure where to look for info or what a Callsheet is! This course is for you. We have a step by step guide on the Callsheet. Plus all other Paperwork explained and examples given 

What do you wear for an interview? 

CV Workshop ‚Äď Film and HETV Drama CVs are not like any other industry.

Walkie Talkie etiquette explained 

What are soft skills and why are they so important 

What personal kit do you need.

What other jobs can give you transferrable skills for the Film/HETV Drama Industry 

What to expect on your first day at work. 

Valuable Insight from some of the most respected HODs in the UK. 

Top tips and advice from Experienced PAs 

Where do you fit in the actual filmmaking process, CallTime Ready can help you decide. 

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Are you Ready?

This is For You If...

  • CallTime Ready is the very best place to start whether you're embarking¬†on a career or just curious about how Feature Films and TV Drama work behind the scenes.¬†
  • If you struggling to make that first step into the Industry
  • If you are starting out and don't yet know set etiquette or the A-Z of equipment and terminology
  • If you are starting to format your CV to send out for consideration. Ready can give you the insight on Industry best practice.
  • If need an insight on how to handle a Walkie Talkie, the terminology and etiquette involved.
  • If you want to know how to find work
  • Confused about what each Crew Member does and skills required. Ready explores the Roles involved

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

By completing Ready am I part of CallTime Company?

Not Yet, CallTime Diary Service and CallTime Foundations Trainee Scheme have their own application and criteria process. However, you are a step closer and we'll be looking for the CallTime Ready Logo on CVs and applications for CallTime Foundations and CallTime Diary Service.

How do I receive my CallTime Ready certification?

The Certificate will be emailed directly to you on successful completion of all modules.

How do I receive the CallTime Ready CV Logo?

The CV Logo is downloadable at the end of the course and you can add your Certification number when placed on your CV.

I've not studied Film or Media is CallTime Ready accessible to me?

Absolutely, no previous knowledge is required.

I have a degree/qualification in Film, TV or Media, how will CallTime Ready help me further my career?

Although you will have great transferrable skills Ready will support you in making the transition from student to a Professional Production Crew Member.

Do I have to watch every video?

Yes, you can't move forward from a Module unless you have completed each section. This is so we know all information has been studied and the certification of study is valid.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have 3 months access to complete the course

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